What will it cost?

I'd rather be cooking than quoting so think in terms of £1.50 - £2.00 per canapé and you won't be far off the mark. I do not charge VAT.

What does that include?

All your canapés beautifully presented on a variety of dishes or slates, decorated where appropriate with fresh flowers. I prepare ahead as far as possible in my kitchen and then come and take over yours to assemble the canapés so that they are as fresh as possible. There is nothing worse than a soggy canapé.


My waitresses are smartly attired in dark green aprons and are renowned for being charming and knowledgeable about the canapés which they are serving. Waitresses are charged separately.

How many canapÉs do you need?

Suggested number of canapés per head:

for a boozy evening drinks party: 12/14
for lunchtime drinks: 8/10
for drinks before lunch: 4/5
for drinks before dinner: 5/6